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Welcome to the official Acme Web site!

This years annual meeting was a rousing combination fo fun and spirited discussion!

Flexa Plus Flexa Plus

Osteoarthritis - the rescue!

ACME Bike Club President Dan Hanson opened this year's annual meeting with an interesting fill-in-the-blank-statement: I wish the ACME Bike Club would _____?

Oh, what a response he got! The 25 fo 30 people that showed up and spoke were very clear about one thing:

Ling Fluent

Learn up to eight foreign languages!


You have a problem with erection? Not only you!

MORE BIKE RIDING within the club, so let's do it!

If you would like to organize a ride contact Ride Coordinators John Hurley or Mo Gilmore

Quick Reminders:
- ACME clothing orders will be coming up soon and we will have order forms soon.

- Deadline for RAGBRAI sign-up is coming up soon!!! Contact Dan Hanson or register online before 2/27/2004. Acme will provide the RAGBRAI wristband

B.O.B Trailer Reminder
Acme owns two BOB trailers and they are being housed at Mary Moore and Todd Wheeler's houses. They are great for those overnight trips or self contained weekends. Club members can reserve a BOB on a first come basis.

Acme is now a Performance Bicycle and REI affiliate. What does this mean? If you use the links at left & right and order from thier site Acme gets 5% of the sale. That 5% will help Acme keep prices down. A "Win Win" for Acme!

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